Monday, July 25, 2011

It's a new week!

I'm finally back home and super pumped to get back into my routine.  I have learned that being away from home makes it much harder to stick to a daily healthy routine:/ I tried making healthier choices than what I would have normally made, but not knowing where I was going to be and what was going to happen made it difficult to prepare myself.  I do think I could've done better BUT I know I didn't do as bad as I probably could've, had I decided to get off the wagon:) So, I do give myself credit for doing better and not giving up.

This week: I'm expecting my in-laws later today and they will be with us until Friday when we take them back.  I will then be gone, once again, for a whole week but this time visiting my husband's family (up north).  I'm not sure how much harder it'll be for me but I'm planning on taking some snacks and frozen muffins to help me do a little bit better than how I did at my mom's.

I finally had my husband take some pictures of me last night and will be posting them up on my "Weekly Weigh-In" page along with this morning's numbers:/ (there's a loss!) be sure to check out the page later today.

That's it for right now:)

UPDATE: I created a new page for my pictures instead.  My weekly weigh-ins will be strictly numbers while the picture progress page will have my pictures along with the stats:)

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  1. Hi, i found you through the forum on SITS! I think you are doing a wonderful job!