Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Taking a break

Ok, so I'm a little bit annoyed right now cuz I just weighed myself and I'm 191:/ seriously.  Anyways, I have been trying to eat healthier and better and I'm hoping in the long term I'll start seeing a steady slow loss.  I'm going to stay away from the scale until next month and hopefully I'll see a better number then.  I haven't been feeling all that motivated and I feel as if I'm forcing myself to do a lot of things I'm really not wanting to.  There needs to be a change obviously I'm just not sure what kind of change.  I'm still trying to find and figure out what works best with me so for now I'm just going to keep trying.

I'm taking a break!  Yes, I'm stepping away from blogging at least a few weeks.  I'm still going to log on and read my favorite blogs but I'm not going to post anything until I'm ready again.

That's it!


  1. New follower from the sits girls forum.

  2. In times like this, it is good to treat yourself to a little break! I hope it offers a little rejuvination for you. I don't know if you are into supplements or not, but I recently started taking a Super B-Complex after being sick forEVER. I have been taking them a week, and I feel like a different person (aka pre-baby self). I have had zero cravings! Best...

  3. Thanks Becca:) I will definitely looking into the Super B-Complex... maybe that's what I need. I haven't been doing too bad but not doing great either. I'm kinda stuck in the same rut as always.

  4. stay away from the scale this is the worst thing you can do. Keep motivated by how you feel and how your clothes fit. Found your site on Bloggy Moms