Monday, July 11, 2011

Making changes

I stepped on the scale again today and I was pretty sad to see that the numbers have gone up yet again.  I'm now 203 going on 204.  I don't feel the greatest but I do feel better than I did last week.

I'm starting fresh and I'm making some changes:

First, I'm keeping track of everything I consume (before I would just focus on my main meals and wouldn't be exact as to how much I was eating).  I'm not going to consume any food after 7pm.  I'm going to do at least 15 minutes of exercise everyday and I'm going to TRY to do some yoga or pilates maybe once or twice a week.

I'm also making some changes to my diet: 

I'm going to cut back on salts and sugars.  I'm going to drink tea at night (I've notice in the past that they help me better control my night time cravings) and I'm going to cut back on bread.

I think if I do these changes I should be able to start losing weight and feeling better.  I'm 31 and I know if I let myself go the numbers can get pretty high up.  I want to feel better and be better: for myself, for my husband, and for my son. 

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  1. Good for you for putting your numbers up there. I am too terrified to do it. Thanks for popping by. I am off to the barn in a bit but will head back later to read the whole blog. xx