Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Trip to NorCal

Last week my family and I made a trip to Northern California to visit my husband's family.  We left Friday night and came back this past Sunday.
It was pretty fun, we went to the Gilroy Garlic Festival the Saturday after we arrived and got to spend some time with my hubby's best friend and his wife.  The lines to buy food were so long we really didn't buy anything other than a snow cone and some kettle corn (thank goodness for long lines there, because EVERYTHING smelled so delicious!).
My Family:)
The following day was my mother in-law's birthday so we celebrated by going to church and having lunch at some mongolian bbq place and going for a walk.

(fyi: I didn't take these pics, I got them off yelp:/ so you get an idea of how my meal looked: not good)

Looks healthy...
but it's not:/
  During the week we really didn't do much, we visited his best friend a couple times but other than that me and my son stayed at the hotel while my husband worked.  I already told you about the swimming suit incident: that was tragic:/ but other than that it was a pretty good week.

Saturday we took off to a wedding (fun and a little bit of dancing).

Finally, Sunday we came back home (thank goodness) and now back to our normal everyday lives:)

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