Thursday, August 25, 2011

Upcoming Changes

I have been blogging, these past few months, strictly about my weight loss journey.  I think it's time for some changes.  It won't only be good for me to take a break from obsessing over losing weight and documenting it, but for my have something other than just what my days are like and what new (or same) struggles I'm going through.

So, I am thinking of doing something like "Mexican Monday" where I make mexican recipes the healthy way...I figure, I'm mexican, why not try to make my mom's yummy food the healthy way.  Right?;)  I know I'm horrible at posting pictures, so this will definitely encourage me to take more pictures and share them with you guys.  I've seen some blogs do "Wordless Wednesday"  so I'm thinking of doing that or similar to it (and I'll give more details on it on next Wednesday's post).  I also want to do something like "Family Friday" but I'm not sure husband is not a fan of the outdoors so it's kind of hard to get him out the door "to just go  for a walk" but I'll think of something...  That's it...for now :)


  1. Found your blog on bloggy moms (:live the thought of you loosing weight, congrats!!
    Im new to motherhood & now trying to loose those extra lbs.

  2. This sounds like a good idea. I would love some great Mexican recipes and would like to see your healthy spin on them.

    Following you back!
    Vicky @