Tuesday, September 13, 2011

14 Days

Today has been such a looooooooooong day!  My feet are hurting from being up all day with not much down time.  I was hoping to take pictures of every meal I eat so I can post it up for you guys, but I really had not much time today.  My day started off shaky, I'm not sure why:/ I had breakfast twice:/ but even after I have dinner tonight I will be under my daily calories.  Blah..ok sorry so tired I'm not really in the blogging mood:/  I'll try to update this post tomorrow morning before my day start.  I did good today though:D  I struggled with the food part but I know I will control myself if I have to;)

Have great night!


Good Morning!:)

Ok, so here's how my day looked like yesterday:

Calories: 1437
Whole Wheat Pancake
Tuna Stuffed Pita
Breakfast: WW pancake w/low fat PB and sugar free jelly/Veggie omelette.

Lunch: Chipotle tuna stuffed whole wheat pita.

Dinner: Ground Turkey-Tofu tacos with whole wheat tortillas

Snacks: small plum, golden melon, skinny cow vanilla sandwich

I did no official workout, but I was moving a lot more throughout the day than usual so I'm sure I burned extra calories:)

That's it!

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