Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I'm SO loving BodyRock.tv:)

I'm doing totally great! I did my Day 2 of the BodyRock.tv workout yesterday and I love it! I mean I really really do:)  I did this workout and I know it was supposed to be a 15 minutes workout but I did a 30 minute workout and only managed to finish 3 rounds:/ I was sweating and seriously feeling like I was about to vomit:| and that's always a good sign that you are pushing yourself...right? hmm I don't know if that's actually true but I seem think so:)
I've decided to do workout 1 & 2 for this week (instead of doing a different one for everyday) just because I'm SUCH a beginner and I think it's probably better if I stick with two workouts a week for now.  Once, I'm in a better shape, I'll start adding workouts to my week and hopefully that'll help me through the plateaus.

Calories: 1400 
BodyRock: 30 minutes

Changing the subject:  I know I didn't post my Mexican Monday recipe last week and that I haven't posted the one for this week but I will do it later today:)

Have an awesome day!

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  1. Great work. It's wonderful how motivating something that works can be! You are doing so well