Friday, November 4, 2011

10 pounds lost:)

This morning I felt brave enough to step on the scale, don't ask me why cuz I have no idea but I finally did it! I'm officially into the 80's :D I'm 188 to be exact.  I was so super happy because it means that whatever I'm doing it's working.  I'm not torturing myself with diets, or crazy workouts, I'm just enjoying what I'm eating and making better choices and it seems to be doing the trick:)  I do plan on going back body rocking (because I truly like it) but I'm not pushing myself...I know when I'm ready I'll start on my own and it won't feel like I have to do it but rather, because I want to.  I'll keep you posted.

On a totally completely different subject:

I know I have't told you guys but I occasionally babysit some kids to keep me and my son busy during the week.  Anyways, yesterday one of the kids I had was so wound up I had to call and get him picked up because I just could not handle him anymore.  I mean I consider myself a pretty patient person but yesterday I was literally shaking and close to crying because I just couldn't get him to calm down, mind you he's only 3 but he gets so so angry and so upset over the littlest things and his reaction is just to automatically hit:(  I know he's only 3 and that I'm the adult but once I reached that point of "I don't think I can do this all day" I had to call the parents to get him picked up before I went nuts.  When he got picked up I had a major binge session (that I haven't had in a while) and it took a long time for me to finally relax and get back to being okay.  I had to talk to his dad, his mom, and his grandma:\  I didn't mind talking to them but I really felt like they need to communicate better with each other and communicate with me when the little boy is having issues at home so that I can understand his behavior better and be able to work with his family to make this work.  They brought him over again today and again he is just so angry all the time and so frustrated but I think because i prepared myself for it I was able to handle it better today.  He's napping now and I'm seriously hoping that he gets picked up early and that made me think maybe I need to stop having him over... I feel bad I don't know what else to do??  It really stresses me out when he comes (he only comes once or twice a week) and by the end of the day I'm so on edge that I just want to lock myself in the room and not deal with my son or my husband:( unfortunately I can only do that for like 5 minutes before my son comes looking for me and I don't get any down time till I'm ready to go to sleep and my husband has to put my son to sleep... So yeah, what would you guys do?

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  1. Don't have the little bugger over any more. You need to put your own needs and the needs of your little guy first and it seems like this little guy is really disruptive. Just my 2 cents.....