Monday, November 14, 2011

I know I'm slacking

I know I haven't been posting as much as I used to and that's mainly because I have been so busy planning my son's 3rd birthday party.  Every year for his birthday I tend to go all out and  and this year I swore myself I wasn't going to, but really, how often will I get to do that?  I haven't been able to get preggers (and God knows we have been trying) and if this will be my only son, then I might as well take advantage of the little moment's I have with him as a child...right?  I'm just saying:)  Anyways, on top of that I am still taking care of the little boy and nothing has really changed other than the fact that I feel so horribly bad for him and I just can't say no to his mom and grandma.  Last week was a big issue and I struggled especially because he managed to say "You Bitch!" to me, in front of my son, and well that's a HUGE NO-NO.  We don't use that word here and I sure as heck don't want it to become part of my son's vocabulary.  I talked to his mom and I felt so bad but I just..I don't know I just have a hard time saying no to people, especially when I feel bad for them.  We will see how it goes this week.  I am trying to work with him so he can relax and be more peaceful when he's here but I know there's only so much I can that's that.

On the weight loss front, it's been a little hard these past few days since my husband hasn't been trying as hard as he used to but I'm not giving up.  I am going to start going for walks today and I'm hoping that by starting out easy and just do a little bit more everyday it'll be easier for me to get used to doing some activity everyday.  I really need to make sure I make it a habit.

Ok sorry gotta go

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  1. I have a son who just turned 3 also. Your blog is so cute! I need to work on mine some more. Following you from Bloggy Moms.