Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Blue mood

I am giving this another go.  I'm not giving up because I know eventually I will get it right.  Yesterday I was so depressed and spent all day eating to the point that I felt sick to my stomach.  I just couldn't stop.  It hasn't happened in such a long time and I think yesterday, everything that I have been dealing with, got to me and I lost control.  So this morning I got up determined to make an honest effort at making this work.  Eating healthy and moving more.  I know this is the worst time to start but really if I can make it through the holidays then I can make it through anything.  I will try to post during my lunch breaks (the only down time I have for myself) and hopefully I can get back to blogging and doing good again.  I'm excited and from every failed attempt I'm learning something.  I will get it right and I will get there.  

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