Wednesday, August 10, 2011

8 Week Healthy Habit Challenge

I have been doing good with my eating (with the exception of the 5 cookies I had last night :/ ) but as far as exercise goes I have done absolutely nothing, I just cannot get back on the treadmill, I feel so tired, bored, and unmotivated to physically do anything (or maybe it's just me being super lazy this week eh:/ ).

In any case, I am attempting Getfitchick's 8 Week Healthy Habit Challenge starting TODAY not Monday (although I really much rather start on Monday, but I suppose today's just as good...right?)

So, currently they are on week 4 of 8 but I'm going to do week's 1 challenge from today till Sunday and start 2nd week challenge on Monday, sounds good? great!

For the week 1 challenges:
  1. We are supposed to make a food log and chart everything from time you ate, mood you were in, type of food, how it was cooked, where it was eaten and how much you ate.
  2. We are to add yellow-orange foods into our meals this week (think yellow bell peppers, oranges, apricots, I wonder if bananas count hmm).
  3. Move 30 minutes a day 5 times this week (that means if I move from today till Sunday I will have fulfilled this I gotta get moving!)
For the detailed challenge you can go to Get Fit Naturally: 8 Week Healthy Habit Challenge .  Check it out it's awesome!

1 comment:

  1. Bananas count, just in small amounts. A banana, orange, and yogurt smoothie is a good way to add it.

    And, I also suggest trying a grapefruit, orange, grape, pineapple salad.

    For the veggies, try spaghetti squash. :)