Thursday, August 11, 2011

Attack of the Munchies

I have no idea what happened last night... I was doing fine eating and was even gonna try and get on the treadmill before dinner, then I'm not sure what triggered the attack but I just ate and ate and ate:( (well, maybe not THAT much but it was definitely way more than what I needed).  To start off I had a panini with a side of pasta (that was a big meal for me hmm for sure over 500 calories), then I had about three servings of potato chips (I shouldn't have bought that bag) and to finish off, I had two of my oatmeal cookies.  I'm writing this and I feel like I'm forgetting to write something else, but I'm pretty sure this is all I ate.  I just realized a month ago I would've definitely finished the whole bag of potato chips and probably at least 5 cookies with that's a change for me I guess.

Today is a new day and today I will do better.  8WHHC starts today (because yesterday I did nothing:/ ).

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  1. Wanted to say I am following your blog and wish you luck with your goals! Go girl!