Monday, September 12, 2011

15 Days

Today is the beginning of my personal challenge!  Yay!
I'm really feeling pretty good today and I feel like this is a challenge I can accomplish.  It maybe not too challenging but I'm mainly working on staying on track and keeping the motivation to get to my ultimate goal.  Once I accomplish this, I plan on adjusting it, and maybe trying to keep up with it for 20 days? or maybe even 30..won't know till I finish this one first.

Ok, so a major change for me these coming weeks will be the planning of  the meals.  I hate planning meals.  I really really do:/ BUT I think if I can plan a day or two ahead it will really help me stay on track and minimize my "off track" incidences.  So, last night I quickly scribbled on a notepad a few ideas for breakfasts, lunch, and dinners that I can make this week (I'll try to post it up on my "Daily Log" page later today).  

I had a good day:) the hardest thing for me was getting my butt on the treadmill and staying on it for 20 minutes, but I did it.

Here's how my day looked like:

Calories: 1369 

Workout: 20 min walk + 10 min cardio video

I met all my goals for today:)  That's it!

Check out my "Mexican Monday" recipe it was really good!

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  1. I've learned that planning meals ahead helps a lot. It is a hassle but it works. I need to start doing that again. Today I have to say I did good, tomorrow my morning workout and hopefully stay on trace...