Wednesday, September 21, 2011

7 Days and a loss

I really don't have much to say except I did horrible yesterday:( I had about 1846 calories (I would round it up to 2000 calories).  I have been feeling a little weird these past two days and whatever that was made me totally dig in last night:/  oh well, today is a new day and I'm doing great, feeling great, and totally excited!  I weighed myself in the morning and I'm at 191lbs soooo that means there's a loss! Woot woot! I really didn't think it was going to be a big loss considering I have done no workouts whatsoever and my eating hasn't always been on point BUT it definitely made me feel awesome to see the scale go down:)   As of today I have 6 days left and I've decided to lower my calories to 1350 for the remainder of my personal challenge.  I'm pretty confident that I will stay around that number but I'm not going to beat myself over it if I go over a few calories every other day as long as I keep track of everything I eat, I think I'll be okay.  Exercising is the last thing I want to do right now so when I finally do get the urge to start working out I will let you guys know.  Right now I think focusing on my eating habits and learning to control my portions is the best thing I can do.

I have found that I'm really enjoying trying out a bunch of healthy  low-fat/low-cal foods.  I baked some chocolate chip cookies from Hungry Girl the other day and while I'm not thrilled with how they tasted, it gave me a reason to start looking into ways to bake healthy.

That's it for now! ;)


  1. Congratulations on the loss!!!! You are doing so well! Can't wait to start mine when I get back from going away this weekend - too hard to start a detox at the inlaws. Kat :-)