Friday, September 2, 2011

Do I really want that?

This morning I woke up thinking about last night's binge (yes, I had another one:/ and not so small either).  I started thinking about why? and I'm not 100% sure, but I feel that when I started to think about how much weight I wanted to lose by the holidays, it triggered it.  That mentality just made start thinking about what I had to do in order to lose the weight, I started to stress and that's when the small snacking turned into a binge.  

Today I'm going to stop myself from thinking like that.  I'm going to ask myself "Do I really want that?" and I'm going to start drinking more teas (it helps).  


  1. You can do it! Just take it one day at a time. I hate looking at the bigger picture too, gets very stressful.

  2. Thanks!:) Yes, I am planning on doing the same challenge you are. I be kinder to myself:)

  3. It is a struggle every single day for me to not think long term. It just seems so hopeless. I've forced my brain to stay within the month I'm in and not go further than that. That has really helped me.

    You can do it!

  4. New follower. :) I struggle with binging, too. I wish I had the magic answer on how to stop doing it.