Friday, September 30, 2011

Just my luck:/

My 2 yr. old son was up all last night with high fever and it's still with fever:( and now I'm feeling sick!:/ seriously, as I'm typing this I seriously feel like dying:( well, maybe not dying but definitely not well enough to work out:/ feeling super nauseous with a major headache and runny nose:\  (If, you are wondering why I'm not in bed resting, it's because my son is up and refuses to go to bed with me:/ ).

On to something else: Yesterday, I tried those shirataki noodles and they are definitely not for me...a little gross if you ask me.  Now, I'm stuck with 9 more bags that I can either throw away or attempt to cook different ways to see if I can find a way that makes them easier to eat.  Has anyone else tried them? If so let me know how you make them. I was left with a very grossed out feeling all night long:/

Oh well.

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