Thursday, September 29, 2011

Why MUST we exercise?! Why? Why? :/

OMG I had to literally MAKE myself do it... I tried three different times throughout the day to get some workout done and the first two times I just could not get myself to do it...I just couldn't... call me lazy because that's exactly how I feel!  On my last attempt I had to get myself a little mad about the fact that nothing changes because I don't change....and I think that's what did it...go figure.  I did 15 minutes of  Cardio Blast that was available "Free On Demand" and it was good enough to make me sweat a bit.  Not bad for a first day.  I'm just glad that's over with for today.  Now I just really need to get back on track with my food and stay within my caloric intake... so far so good.

Have you guys heard of  It's a REALLY awesome site about home workouts and I'm definitely planning on trying it out maybe tomorrow.  Definitely check out the site it's loaded with info and best of all videos showing you exactly what to do:D  and it's FREE! who doesn't love free?! I know I do!:)

Ok, well I was excited cuz I finally did some workout and wanted to share that with you guys:)

Have  a great rest of the day!


  1. nice!!!! Now if i could just find it within myself to do the same... on another note, how is it that I havent been following your blog? I have fully reprimanded myself!!

  2. You are my 50th FOLLOWER!! Yay!! let me just say that I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOUR BLOG! (and corny and cheesy as it may sound I'm happy:D you are following my blog!)