Sunday, October 2, 2011

Off the Wagon...

...and now back on.

So this is my pattern (for those of you that are new readers).  I sorta half-assed it last week and totally jumped off the wagon on Friday and Saturday and just kinda gave up those two days:(  Saturday night came around and I had to, once again, kick myself in the ass for allowing myself to "fall off" yet again.  So, yesterday I started fresh again and I think I did okay, but I realize I have got to stop being so lenient with myself.  All this "just a few more" "it's no big deal" "it's just a bit" "not gonna kill me" mentality it's going to be the reason of my failure.  I need to stop that way of thinking and start taking all of this more seriously. So, this is me attempting this, yet another time.  I'm not going to give up, because I know I will get it right someday!

Ok, so I have been thinking about the way I have been tracking my calories and for some reason I started thinking about the way Weight Watchers counts their points and I was left with "What's the difference?"  I mean seriously isn't counting points just like counting calories?  I wish I had the money to go to some of their meetings to see how they work but for now I'm just left wondering. One thing I have noticed is that some foods have 0 points and for some reason that got me thinking "Maybe I won't count the calories in the vegetables I eat..." is that I good idea? or am I setting myself up to "fall off" again?  I don't know what do you guys think?  I'm trying to find ways to make all of this work for me.

I'm a little embarrassed but other than that ONE day, I have not done any working out.  So I'm starting my challenge fresh today.  I'll figure something out..but I really want this to work out for me so please please help me out!  Any ideas, suggestions, I mean ANYTHING that works for you guys just let me know because I seriously need all the help I can get with this.  I'm still going to attempt the I just have to figure out how since I don't have the money to buy the few pieces of equipment that they use.  I have to around the house and see if there's ways I can do the workouts without having the actual equipment.  Hopefully I can find things and make it work for me as a beginner.  Wish me luck:)


  1. Hi Alhely, it's not easy huh! I've had a pretty good week and I think i'm doing ok, tomorrow will tell. Have you thought of trying a diet where you don't have to count calories? Weight watchers makes it easy because they tell you a certain food/recipe is so many points, meaning you don't have to calculate it. I'm doing the South Beach Diet and it doesn't use calories just allowed foods with the occasional limitation. Maybe looking into a diet plan that works better for you lifestyle/time constraints? Yes you fall off the wagon, but I can tell you are DETERMINED to succeed. You are doing great and don't think otherwise because you are still working at it. Kat :-)

  2. Thanks Kat!:) I need to look more into Weight Watcher because I think that might work for me, but for now I think not counting the full calories in the vegetables I eat seemed to make my day go by easier yesterday. I'll see how that goes by the end of the week:)

  3. Hang in there! I've been trying to get started for a couple of years now, but you sound ready. You can do it!