Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Last Day!!!

Today is my LAST day! wow I can't believe I actually tracked my food 98% of my challenge:D That's a FIRST for me:)

My caloric intake for yesterday was 1893 not good I know, but I take comfort in the fact that I didn't give up and I kept counting my calories.  Today, it's going so so, thanks to that monthly visit, my hormones are all over the place and definitely not helping me.  I'm still going to weigh in tomorrow and at this point I would be happy to not have a gain:/  either way I'll be proud of myself for sticking with it for 15 days and not giving up.

I have learned soooooo much, who knew right?!  I'm learning of new lower calorie/fat recipes and in cooking healthier not only do I benefit from it, but my husband and son as well:)  My husband has been making an effort to eat healthier too and has been coming home for lunch instead of eating out with his co-workers so, that is already a positive change because not only does he get to eat a little bit healthier during the day but, he gets to spend more time with me:D  The one thing I really need to start working on is WORKING OUT.  Yep, I just cannot get to working out:/ I don't know why I just don't feel like it, have NO desire to work out at all:/ I just need to start finding what works for me and start small so we'll see.... maybe I'll make my next 15 Day challenge one where I track and do 15 minutes of workout everyday....that sounds good no? Yep.. sound's good:D

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  1. That's great news! Small steps are often the most important!! So very excited for you. I started mine yesterday! Kat :-)