Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Having a good week:)

I love weeks like these!:)  I mean seriously, life would be grand for me if, I could have every week be like this one.  Yesterday was a pretty good day.  I managed to stay under 1400 calories (which is a big deal for me) and did my body rock workout.  Today I'm doing pretty good, I feel good, and I'm obviously looking forward to my workout today.

I been wanting to share more with you guys but I mean seriously my life is pretty boring.  Sad, but true.  I'm a SAHM and I spend my days home with my son, taking care of two girls, cleaning, and cooking (not very exciting or interesting).  During the week I never step outside of my house (I know right? surprised I haven't gone crazy) and during the weekends we usually travel either further south in California to visit my family or further north to visit my husbands family.  Sometimes I wish I had more exciting things to talk about or just something different but I really don't have much to say so I just keep it short and simple.

That's it.


  1. I can totally relate to being boring-I SAH as well and my kids are 12 and 22. I work occasionally as a consultant but it's very rare so I am bored a lot. I bet the kids keep you running all day!

  2. I'm so glad you had a good day. I was wondering - do you have a good salsa recipe please? I know how you feel about getting out of the house - but with my kids getting older we should be getting more freedom. Kat :-)

  3. I was reading your post and all I kept doing was laughing because here you are- all 'Chic and Fit' and here I am- and I've got a Cinnamon Swirl Cheesecake baking right now, lol.
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