Monday, November 28, 2011

Birthday & Out-of-town Thanksgiving

My son' 3rd birthday party was a huge success!  It was so much work but seeing my son having so much fun definitely made it all worth it:)  

Me, Son & Hubby

These past two weeks were definitely super busy for me.  Having to prepare for the party and to travel out of town for Thanksgiving definitely had me running all over the place like a chicken with no head:/ I was a little worried the party was going to turn out to be a huge flop, being that all of our families had to come from out of town, but I'm happy to say that it everyone made it and we had a really good turn out.  My baby is now 3 years old:(  They grow so fast!

This year we drove up north for Thanksgiving to spend it with my hubby's family.  We left Wednesday afternoon thinking we weren't going to get traffic, but who was I kidding?! There was traffic everywhere:|  So, anyways for the first half of Thanksgiving day we spent it with my father in law's side of the family and I stuffed my face with chips because people were about 2 hours late and by that time I had already satisfied my hunger with the chips and salsa.  Yes, I was super annoyed.  I hate waiting and making people wait. The second half of the day we spent it with my mother in law's family and that went well a lot better.  We got there and the Turkey was pretty much done and people were there already so we really didn't wait long to eat and omg did I eat? oh, yes I did.  Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, cheese broccoli, cornbread, mushrooms, pie, cake, omg it was all so delicious!!  It was super good but we definitely over ate then and the day after for our second Turkey day:/ at my sister in laws place.  This whole weekend was just a food fest and me and my hubby definitely over indulged:/ Good thing it only happens once a year:D lol It was all really good food and we all had a pretty nice time with his family, so all in all it was a great Thanksgiving weekend.  We drove back home Saturday night to avoid the traffic on Sunday and that was a pretty good decision because we got to go buy our Christmas tree and pull out all the decorations (which were not much being that last year we lived in an apartment so we are definitely going to be buying more decorations) but as of right now my house has the Christmas light, the tree, and the nativity all set out.  I'm hoping this weekend I can go and get a few more decorations to put up.  I'm thinking big ornaments for the outside bushes and trees but I'm not so sure my hubby will like that lol. 

Ok, lastly I am back on the wagon as of yesterday.  I went for a walk, I tried to restrict what I ate but that was a huge mistake because I ended up overeating and binged:/ So, today I'm just going to eat what I want but go back to trying to just eat what I need.  We'll see how that goes.  

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