Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Walk to the Park

I have been walking 2 miles for the past three days to the park.  I'm taking my son and the two little girls I watch.  The first day I wasn't sure it was a great idea since I only have one single jogger but, I was able to put two in the stroller and had one kid walking.  It didn't go as smoothly as I thought it'd go because 1 mile is a lot for a 3yr. to walk.  The next day I thought of maybe having the kids take the tricycle (one ride it to the park while the other sits in the stroller and then alternate on the way back home).  We gave that a try yesterday and it worked a little better...still a struggle but I tried it again today and it went a lot smoother.  The walk is super slow but, it's better than no walk at all... right?  Plus, I'm pushing a jogger:D  Eating is going a little better..not too bad, I decided to maybe getting some help with my eating.  I'll probably just set up an appt with my doctor and hopefully get a referral to someone that can teach me ways to eat they way I should.  I know binging is a big problem with me so hopefully I'll get some help with that too.

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