Tuesday, November 22, 2011

step back

It's all going backwards again:/  It is still tough and I'm still struggling and you would think that after so many failures and falls I'd give up, but for whatever reasons:  I'm going to try once again.  I've never done a "vision" board so that's one thing I'm going to try to do and put it up and hopefully that will make a difference in how long I can stick to my long term goal.  I'm also going to try to cook my dinners and lunches for the week and I'm really going to plan out and tape up on my fridge my options for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.  I think that would help out at lot.  I'm not going to count calories but I will continue to be careful about portions and will try harder to start and maintain an exercise routine.  This is all so frustrating and I keep asking myself "Why can't get there?" but I know that by not giving up and that by trying new and different ways sooner or later I will find something that makes it happen for me.  I just need to keep learning, keep trying, and it'll will happen..

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