Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"You B*tch"

That is such and UGLY phrase and my son finally managed to use it on me yesterday:/  Now, I know that he doesn't know what it means and that he was only "trying it out" but that was enough for me to realize that I cannot help the little boy I'm taking care of.  I'm so careful about what my son sees and hears and to have him pick up such and ugly word...I just can't have that.  So anyways as soon as the little boy was picked up I let them know I was no longer going to be able to take him in and I explained what happened.  I felt so horrible and I really truly wish I could help him, but the truth of the matter is that no matter what I do when he's here with me, if he's still seeing and hearing these things at home...nothing will change and quite frankly my son comes first.

On a different set of news I finally got my hubby to go for a walk with me:)  I'm going to try to go for a walk everyday this week and hopefully get more energy out of it along as more will to stick to a healthy lifestyle.  I hadn't been doing too good but snapped myself back into it yesterday and I'm hoping with a little bit of a workout everyday and some good healthy eating I can lose 1lb a week...hopefully or even just half a pound as long as there is a loss!:)

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  1. Oh, wow. It sounds like you didn't really have much of a choice, as you don't want your son to be around bad language.