Monday, December 12, 2011


Done counting calories.  Done eating light and fat free.  Done thinking about food 24/7.  Done feeling guilty every time I eat.  Done.  Done.  Done.

Seriously, this weigh loss journey sucks.  I'm super fed up with everything and I don't want to think about what I can and can't eat anymore.  So, this morning, I'm drinking my coffee with honey and real whole fatty milk.  Yes, and it's so freaking delicious that I'm probably drinking two cups. Yes. I. am.  You, know since day one of this journey I have beat my self over and over again over the things I should have done or shouldn't have done.  Should I eat that? I shouldn't eat that!  I. AM. OVER. IT!  That's it, I'm giving up diets and my daily fights with food.  From now on I'm going to eat what I want as much as I want.  I'm not going to beat myself up over it and I'm going to enjoy my life instead of obsessing about food every second.

In other news:  I started running.  Yes, you heard right.  I'm running and I absolutely love it.  I'm not running to lose weight but rather to unwind and relax.  It's just makes me feel so good, I have so much more energy, I feel so great afterwards and the end of the day, it really makes my day so much better.  What got me started?  My chiropractor.  Yep, he's a runner and I'm not sure why but we started talking about running and marathons and I remembered how much I loved running back when I was single.  I also remembered some goals I had and how I gave everything up when I got married and had my son.  So, I decided to give it a try and now I look forward to the end of the day when I can just go and run.  The first day I ran I seriously felt like my legs were made out of iron, they felt SO heavy I was only able to run about 4 minutes before I had to stop running and keep on walking.  That was the beginning of last week.  The last two days I have walked one mile and ran one mile.  I'm doing a total of 2 or 4 miles a day depending whether or not I go walking in the morning.  This week my goal is to up my running by half a mile.  Wish me luck!:)

Have an awesome week!


  1. You're going to find that walking & running will trim you down faster than eating a specific diet. Happy for you!

  2. Luck!!! I don't think you will need it, though. Running is awesome and a great mental release. Enjoy not feeling guilty :)

  3. Good for you! I think this is a smart move because...Don't think about elephants! Whatever you do, do NOT think about elephants! Don't think about how huge they are, their thick, rough skin...don't think about the elephant's long, funny looking trunk...I have no idea where I heard this concept but it makes so much sense. The more we find ourselves obsessing about something we're NOT supposed to do, we wind up sabotaging ourselves. From what I've read so far on your blog, you are on a healthy path. Keep it up! (sent here by California Bloggers on Bloggy Moms)