Monday, December 12, 2011

Review: Juiceology

A couple of weeks ago I got invited to review Juiceology juice. This brand of juices, according to what I received from them, " the only premium all-natural juice on the market that delivers 20% of the recommended daily value of fiber from whole grain extracts." You can read more about their product on their website at .

Ok, so I received two 15.2oz bottles

The first thing I did when I grabbed them was turn them over to see the Nutritional Facts and I wasn't too "wow-ed"  for 97 calories, 22grams of carbs, 3grams of fiber, and 19grams of sugar.

Didn't do much for me, however, 18grams of whole grain extracts and 5grams of vegetable fiber certainly made the bottles more enticing. 

All-in-all the juices were DELICIOUS I loved the "blueberry acai" and the "peach mango" wasn't bad either.  I would probably buy them depending on the store price.  The nutritional facts really didn't do much for me but, then again I consume all kinds of berries year-long (perk of having a husband that works in the berry industry:D) and I'm always trying to incorporate whole grains into my family's diet.   So, for someone else this brand of juice might do a little bit more for them and their bodies.  Grab a juice instead of soda;)

BTW: This is my OPINION.   I'm not getting paid for any of this:)  

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